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British BMX Rider Biker Beau Forrest Show you how it’s done

This is one really cool video showing almost unbelievable BMX bike tricks and stunts being performed by highly skilled top British biker Beau Forrest. The

Acts such as being able to jump across fence is quite amazing. Another trick that was performed several times in different places was the ability to jump over a fence and ride along the rails either on one wheel or using two wheels. Beau Forest also does some crazy drops on his BMX bike. Check out 3:40 to see what must be 5m drop onto flat pavement, not a ramp.

Most of the stunts were done using one wheel at a time, which in general is very difficult to do unless you are an expert. The BMX trickster pushes the laws of physics by wheeling on thin hand rails!

Nevertheless it shows that practice is needed, and failures do happen with some painful experiences attached, as shown in some parts of the video. Jumping from a high elevated platform and landing on a very small base or thin railings on one wheel is seems impossible unless seen in reality. One or two portions even show the biker on his bike leaping from the roof top, making it down safely. Some of the jumps between two positions are a few meters away, another unbelievable feat.

Unforturently this very talented BMX rider died in 2008 by diving head first into shallow water (without knowing it was shallow). R.I.P. Beau Forrest.

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Crazy BMX Biking Video with Corey Martinez

Call it insane, but to extreme BMX expert Corey Martinez, it’s all about fun and excitement. Here he performs a lot of cool bmxing tricks in different places. One thing that is most noticeable in this stunt biking video is that he seems to enjoy sliding his bike across railings quite a lot, as seen in many parts of his video. Another remarkable feat that he did was the wall climb that was several feet high! His ability to hang across railings for a few seconds before dropping is also terrific. His movements are so flexible, he can virtually move in any direction that he wants, may it be forward, backward, or sideways. He also does many spins and 360 degree turns as he plunges momentarily in the air. In fact, he does his bmx stunts so easily that it would appear like it’s a piece of cake. However, most bikers would agree that it takes a great deal of practice before one can perform the tricks shown in this extreme biking video.


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