Downhill Mountain Biking Through Snow at the Red Bull 5000 Race at Whistler

The Red Bull 5000 down is an epic biking competition that starts at the top of Whistler Mountain in Canada, and goes all the way down to the bottom. That means 1500m of vertical, 5000 feet! That’s one crazy long downhill biking race. Being so tall, the top of Whistler is always full of snow! That doesn’t stop this extreme biking competition from taking place as the cyclists just bike over the snow like it’s nothing.

This extreme mountain biking videos features 200 downhill bike riders coming from over North America and Europe competing. While both men and women compete against each other in the race, each one has its own respective category.

The terrain is unlike in other places. At the top of the mountain, all bikers race along the snow capped slopes. That’s right, the bike race begins the the competitors biking through snow! As they make their way down, they would need to traverse through slippery and mud covered roads. Some riders would slip along the way, while others would crash and wreck their bikes.

The Redbull 5000 is considered to be a very difficult and challenging competition and it’s extremely fun to watch. Getting to the finish line as a winner is one thing, but reaching it in one piece is another. It is truly a race that every great biker would ever want to compete in.









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Nice Video Footage of the 2010 Quebec World Cup at Mont Sainte-Anne

The Quebec World Cup is one of the most exciting mountain bike racing events and features competitive  mountain bike racers from all around world. This event is held at the beautiful mountain resort of mont sainte anne located near Quebec City.

This mountain biking competition video race begins with the racers being hoisted to the starting point at the top of the mountain on chairlifts, since the mountain is a ski resort in the winter. The race commences as the mountain bike riders compete against each other, going downwards and making their way across crooked and very steep paths which also feature some small drops and very tight turns. This course is very gnarly and a lot of the competitive bikers, although professionals, still end up falling.

The course is marked by red lines tied across trees and woods from start to finish. There are also soft bags along some of the more perilous, as protection in case some of the bicyclists crash to them, and are shown to be very useful. Nevertheless, because of the high speed course going downwards, some of the racers tend to slide and fall off the course, which is natural. Some of the competitors tend to show high expertise as they are able to combine speed and excellent reflexes in moving left and right on the course.

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Extreme Bikers Build and Ride an Insane Bike Obstacle Course in the Woods

A group of extreme biking enthusiasts set out to create their own obstacle course, and made a biking video that can be considered as one of the most artistically shot video of a mountain biking.

Dylan Dunkerton, Curtis Robinson, Kyle Norbraten and Kyle Jameson all share the same passion for mountain biking. Together, they first fashion out and construct a series of pathways, sidewinding loops, and other terrain features. It was like creating their own biking playground in the forest! There are lots of sweet shot of bike jumps, twists, and a lot of side windings.

As they move about, each one of the crazy mountain bikers even perform some really cool exhibition and stunts. There are also instances when they would break into two pairs, each passing onto his own dedicated path. The mountain bikers amazingly meet again together somewhere ahead. The timing was quite excellent, all the bikers are able to move in unison while at the same time being able to uniquely perform different stunts.

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Kid Jumps off Cliff into Lake With his BMX Bike

At first, the kid appeared hesitant, but after a much coercing and egging him on. He quickly gets the courage for the big bicycle jump off the 40 foot cliff  into the water below. From a few meters, he starts cycling towards the cliff drop, while friends keep shouting “Go! Go! Go!”.  Another guy was seen also taking a separate video footage of the bike run and bike jump.

After taking off, the kid was still riding his bike. Eventually, at halfway he decided to toss is wheels. He and his bike took a plunge into the water below. After that, his friends keep shouting at him to get the bike, which was already sinking to the bottom. He tried to swim toward the bike, but the bike already sunk below, probably becoming a marine habitat, never to be used for cycling again.

The kid just swam back to the edge of the cliff. The video submitter claims they were unable to retrieve the bicycle from the bottom of the lake.

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British BMX Rider Biker Beau Forrest Show you how it’s done

This is one really cool video showing almost unbelievable BMX bike tricks and stunts being performed by highly skilled top British biker Beau Forrest. The

Acts such as being able to jump across fence is quite amazing. Another trick that was performed several times in different places was the ability to jump over a fence and ride along the rails either on one wheel or using two wheels. Beau Forest also does some crazy drops on his BMX bike. Check out 3:40 to see what must be 5m drop onto flat pavement, not a ramp.

Most of the stunts were done using one wheel at a time, which in general is very difficult to do unless you are an expert. The BMX trickster pushes the laws of physics by wheeling on thin hand rails!

Nevertheless it shows that practice is needed, and failures do happen with some painful experiences attached, as shown in some parts of the video. Jumping from a high elevated platform and landing on a very small base or thin railings on one wheel is seems impossible unless seen in reality. One or two portions even show the biker on his bike leaping from the roof top, making it down safely. Some of the jumps between two positions are a few meters away, another unbelievable feat.

Unforturently this very talented BMX rider died in 2008 by diving head first into shallow water (without knowing it was shallow). R.I.P. Beau Forrest.

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Crazy BMX Biking Video with Corey Martinez

Call it insane, but to extreme BMX expert Corey Martinez, it’s all about fun and excitement. Here he performs a lot of cool bmxing tricks in different places. One thing that is most noticeable in this stunt biking video is that he seems to enjoy sliding his bike across railings quite a lot, as seen in many parts of his video. Another remarkable feat that he did was the wall climb that was several feet high! His ability to hang across railings for a few seconds before dropping is also terrific. His movements are so flexible, he can virtually move in any direction that he wants, may it be forward, backward, or sideways. He also does many spins and 360 degree turns as he plunges momentarily in the air. In fact, he does his bmx stunts so easily that it would appear like it’s a piece of cake. However, most bikers would agree that it takes a great deal of practice before one can perform the tricks shown in this extreme biking video.


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